When it’s essential to insulate your home, choose Standard Insulating Co. We have been in the business of insulation since 1928, so we’re experienced when it comes to one of the best ways to insulate various kinds of homes. Also known as Monterey Colonial Revival, this home style is similar to Spanish Colonial Revival, American Colonial Revival, and Mediterranean Revival.

Chicago – A lot of Chicago’s historic movers and shakers have owned historic Chicago-style bungalows. I by no means considered craftsman bungalows and Cape Cods being so related, however now that its identified it makes good sense!

The first American home to be referred to as a bungalow was designed in 1879 by William Gibbons Preston. The completed house cost between $7,000 and $10,000, not together with the foundation and the lot.

I am keen on the cape cod bungalow since there were many around where I grew up in CT. The truth is, the symmetrical cape cod bungalow pictured above appears almost an identical to at least one where my pal lived.